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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I voted "YES" at Snellville City Hall

VOTE *YES* today at Snellville City Hall, 7:00 am-5:30 pm at Hwy 78 & Oak Rd if you believe Snellville restaurants should be able to sell alcohol on Sundays. I do - I think people can make their own decisions about their lives and I don't need or want government to enforce religious laws!

Of course, there's economic development that comes along with Snellville restaurants being able to sell alcohol on Sundays. We need the business here - and that's a valid point.  But I feel strongly that a bigger issue is that church and state should be separated.

Some will try to tell you it's not about church and state, but if it's not, then tell me why the alcohol in restaurants ban is on Sundays? If it's to save us all from drunk drivers, then a better day to ban alcohol in restaurants would be Friday or Saturday.

To me it's very scary to have government enforcing religious-based laws. I don't drink more than 1 cup of wine per year so I'm not voting yes just so I can drink on Sundays. It's because I don't need the government to be my mommy.  I'm not in favor of prohibition.

If you believe in "honor the Sabbath day to keep it holy," that's fine and I would even encourage you to follow your religious and/or moral beliefs. But I believe it's wrong to expect everyone else to believe the way you believe in regard to a legal product. So if you don't want to drink on Sunday, don't drink on Sunday. You can do that without controlling others and trying to tell them what to do. It's that simple.

I will be voting YES at Snellville City Hall.


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Better reasons to say no (1) drinking and driving (2) alcoholism. People who don't drink on Sunday or other days for religious reason are not necessarily living a holy life. They just don't drink.

  2. I don't live in Snellville (I'm in Grayson), but if I did, I'd be there to vote a big, fat "YES!" It's criminal that businesses can't sell a legal product on Sunday, and anyone who tries to say it's not about church and state is either lying or deluded.

    You should be prepared for a deluge of comments from turbo-Christians who will be telling you about your future in hell for touching alcohol. :-)

  3. The only reason to vote "No" is to attempt to force people to subscribe to your beliefs. Obviously, all Christians do not believe that consuming alcohol on Sunday should be prohibited. For those who believe a person should not drinking on Sunday, the solution is simple-- don't drink.

    Supporters of Sunday sales have identified this primarily as an economic issue. It is, more disturbingly, a freedom issue. Without doubt, allowing Sunday sales of alcohol will have a significant, positive impact, but more to the essential issue, prohibiting sales is an affront to freedom. It's just as offensive and ridiculous as prohibiting consumption of hot dogs on Friday, pizza on Tuesday or hamburgers on Saturday.

  4. Steve7:11 PM

    Anonymous - First off your ideas of religion are a bit skewd. The last time I checked the Bible says to not be drunk accept in the Spirit (Holy Spirit). It doesn't say anything about do not drink... Also God never tempts His people, so if drinking were prohibited Jesus wouldn't have turned water into wine. Wake up !!! He says to His stiff necked people.. Oh that's right almost forgot, but your back woods theology has it wrong... the Sabbath is Friday at sundown til Saturday at sundown...
    Read your Bible and stop listening to yourself, like the Pharisees in the marketplace. Remember Jesus rebuked them too...


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