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WELCOME to My Snellville Blog

Darla Dixon
I have lived in Snellville GA for 21 years. I began the My Snellville Blog on Blogspot in 2005 after searching online in vain for something like it. My needs were simple. I wanted a place to find fun stuff to do with the family in Snellville. I also wanted to learn more about Snellville current events. I was looking for something about happenings in Snellville. A place to find only news, information and events about Snellville. When I didn't find what I was looking for, I decided to create it! I already had blogs for my art and other interests. It was a whim that became bigger and more meaningful to both myself and our community.

What made My Snellville Blog different? My Snellville Blog was always focused on Snellville. When events are listed, a few events in close-by cities may be listed too, but the Snellville events will be listed first.  I always wanted the site to help visitors like you find events that were nearby.

My Snellville Blog could also be considered a Snellville news aggregation website. I collected all the news I could about Snellville so you'd be able find what you needed in one place. If Snellville is mentioned somewhere in a long news article, I didn't want you to have to read the entire news article to find the information about Snellville. I brought the Snellville news to you, and linked to the article from which the Snellville information was gathered.

My work experience includes: Library, Bookstore, Retail, Customer Service, Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator for a Sign Manufacturer,  Medical Insurance Billing for a Gynecology and Fertility Medical Practice, Office Manager for an Oral Surgeon.  I've also written for many online and print outlets, including AOL,, Associated,,, and The Gwinnett Citizen newspaper. I've been featured in the Gwinnett Daily Post at least 2 times, and my artwork has been in the online edition of the Christian Science Monitor. 

Current job(s): Mom, Pencil Portrait Artist, Owner and Business Marketing Specialist with
Dixon Digital Marketing Solutions.  I really love helping people with business development. Every day is new and interesting and full of possibilities.

If you have a question or need information about Snellville, or have an interest in improving your website's visibility or branding on the web, please don't be afraid to ask!  I offer a free review of one of your websites to start, so you can see areas that can be improved. We can together decide on a plan, based on your goals. We won't have a meeting that should have been an email. I know you're busy, I am too. Time's a wastin'! Let's get to work! 

If I don't know the answer, there are many knowledgeable people on my Facebook page for My Snellville Blog/Snellville Today, which has over 1,000 Snellville folks!

It was always my goal to make My Snellville Blog a community blog, and I think I succeeded. What do you think?

I love to hear from you!

"No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there."
Norman Vincent Peale

"A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm." - Charles Schwab Facebook page for MySnellvilleBlog/Snellville Today