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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

15 Random Thoughts

  1. I've always wanted 'Snellville' to be a Twitter trending topic. Hasn't happened yet, even after a lady drove her car into the Chinese buffet.
  2. Turns out that the Pop Tart diet isn't as effective as I once thought.
  3. "Run the Reagan" is coming up in February. That's REAGAN, not Regan. Ronald Reagan Parkway was named after President Ronald Reagan. Donald Regan was Treasury Secretary during Ronald Reagan's administration.
  4. Dear Doctor Phil: I've never had the urge to play hacky sack. Should I be worried?
  5. When is the piggie toe going to be eliminated via evolution? It's only good for stubbin.' 
  6. Regarding a recipe for mock raspberry jam: I never mock raspberry jam. You never know when it might just suddenly turn on you.
  7. Dear rednecks: Please don't set my house on fire as you mishandle your fireworks. I don't call that celebratin'
  8. I hate waking up on Jan. 1st to find fingers on my lawn. 
  9. On this day, let's pause to thank the person who invented pillows. Really great idea. So simple, yet so important.
  10. New Fanta Zero orange drink is da bomb, and by that I mean it's really good, not that you will blow up after drinking it. 
  11. I don't want a materialistic Christmas. So here's hoping nobody will mind the tiny wire sculptures I made for them out of bread twist-ties.
  12. Stringing buttered popcorn on an artificial Christmas tree might not have been the best idea.
  13. Wondering if it's easier to be featured on Hoarders: Buried Alive or just clean. Or move.
  14. There isn't an official Twitter account for Jell-O gelatin. How am I supposed to keep up-to-date on the latest Jell-O technology?
  15. Okay, so there are really only 14 random thoughts, but 15 sounded better for the title.
I'm sure Mickey Wilkinson can come up with his 15 and share them as a comment! Anybody else? :)

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