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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Improvements coming to McGee Rd & US78 Intersection

There has a false rumor floating around that McGee Road would be widened and go all the way to Highway 124. What is really going on is a road alignment, so that McGee Road will line up better with Cambridge, the street on the other side of US-78. There will also be an opening in the median, turn lanes, and safer pedestrian features.

If you're uncertain where McGee Road is, think of the Fountain Square shopping center that houses The Clogging Connection, the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, Archery Learning Center and the Business Center. Treasure Chest Thrift Store and South Gwinnett Park are also nearby.

These road improvements have a huge price tag ($636,800 paid with SPLOST funds), but I think it will be a good investment as the area grows. That side of Snellville has kind of run downhill in recent years, and something like this could be a real "shot in the arm" to get business jumping there again in an area of Snellville that I think has a lot of potential.

A view of S. Gwinnett Park & Sign for Fountain Square

An intersection on U.S. 78 will be rebuilt and Pine Road and Jim Moore Road will get sidewalks by next fall. The Board of Commissioners approved the two transportation contracts on Tuesday using SPLOST sales tax funding.

West of downtown Snellville, construction crews will relocate Cambridge Street so it lines up with McGee Road on the opposite side of U.S. 78. The new intersection will get a traffic signal, an improved left turn lane, a median opening and full pedestrian access. In addition to County funds from the 2005 SPLOST program, the City of Snellville, the Evermore Community Improvement District, and federal dollars through the Georgia DOT will help pay for the project. The lowest of six bidders was ISC, Inc., at $636,800. Construction should be finished by next fall.

Pedestrians benefit from road upgrades
Duluth Weekly

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