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Monday, May 23, 2011

CFI, Roundabouts, LCI ... Oh My! What does it all mean?

We've been hearing about some traffic improvements coming to Snellville. Roundabouts and a CFI (which stands for Continuous Flow Intersection). But we want to know -- What does all that mean? When is it going to happen? I asked Eric Van Otteren, the Economic Development Director for the City of Snellville for some help in understanding these questions. Keep in mind that Mr. Van Otteren's estimations are based on the best information available at this point. It appears that we can expect to see the roundabouts first.
CFI overlay of US-78/124 intersection by Gresham Smith & Partners engineering

"After studying the extreme traffic conditions on U.S. 78 at State Route 124 in Gwinnett County for many years, the Georgia Department of Transportation commissioned GS&P to provide concepts that would finally ease the problems and appease concerned community groups. 

...GS&P was able to pinpoint a viable solution that would redirect some traffic onto an underutilized bypass while managing the heavier volumes through an innovative continuous flow intersection (CFI). The solution not only satisfied government and citizen groups alike, but the CFI — the first of its kind in Georgia — will save the state more than $60 million and two to three years of construction time."

~Gresham, Smith & Partners

How long will it take for the CFI to be operational?

"The CFI is included in GADOT’s committed projects. The acquisition of the land may occur in the 2013-15 time frame. The construction of the CFI is based on the outcome of the Regional Transportation sales tax that will be voted on by the public in November of 2012."

~Eric Van Otteren, Economic Development Director for the City of Snellville. 

The round-a-bouts come from the LCI study and should improve traffic flow

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) awarded Snellville a $75,000 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study grant to help revitalize the Snellville community.

...Though $75,000 alone will not be enough to create a new downtown, Snellville will have access to another $350 million in competitive federal funding available to cities participating in the LCI program.

Now that Snellville is part of the LCI program, the city can be more specific in directing growth and improving the traffic problems along Highway 78 and Ga. 124. 

Map showing placement of the Roundabouts in Snellville

How long will it be before we see the roundabouts? 

"The LCI project along Clower Street is in the acquisition process and funds are available for construction as soon as the acquisition process is complete. This should occur within the year, or at least by next year."

~Eric Van Otteren, Economic Development Director for the City of Snellville. 


How long before we see the Town Center @ Snellville development/changes?

"The Towne Center@Snellville is a longer term project that will make steps as they present themselves. The City is looking forward to working with local businesses and land owners to bring the plan to life."

~Eric Van Otteren, Economic Development Director for the City of Snellville.

For more information, contact Eric G. Van Otteren, Economic Development Manager, City of Snellville
at 770-985-3502 or email

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