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Friday, June 17, 2011

Find your lost money

About 30 billion dollars is just sitting in state and federal accounts, waiting to be claimed. The television show Good Morning America recently checked people on the street and found that about 1 in 4 people had money held in accounts yet didn't even know about it. I've rounded up the links so you can check to see if you have unclaimed money too. I didn't, but I think I found some money for my cousin in Oklahoma!


National Credit Union Association Unclaimed Assets
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators - Click on each state you've ever lived in to search for unclaimed funds that could be waiting for you in various states.

State of Georgia Internal Revenue Service
Hint: After you try searching by your first and last name together, try just typing in your surname. Maybe you'll find some relatives on the list! Don't forget to enter every Georgia city you've ever lived in.
If you didn't go to the link above this one ( - do that too, and check every state in which you've ever lived.
This site is to find unclaimed funds from US Savings Bonds that have matured. 

IRS Refunds
Apparently quite a few IRS refund checks go uncashed. After 3 years, the money goes back to the Treasury. Worth checking just to make sure!

HUD/FHA Mortgage Refunds

TIPS: Make sure to check under all surnames names or nicknames you may have used. Be sure to check every state you've ever lived.

This page has some videos from the Good Morning America segments - It's fun to see the people so happy with their found money!

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