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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Won a Roof!

How often do you hear about somebody who won a free roof? I never have!

A while ago, Everdry Roofing had an arrangement along with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, to award a free roof to a deserving person, family, or non-profit who 1) Needed a roof;  2) Did something to serve their community. In my case, that would be the blog you're reading right now! Here's the full info on the "Roof Relief" program.

In order to be considered, photos of the house/roof needed to be submitted, and the potential roof winner needed to be nominated.  Snellville Councilmember Tom Witts was kind enough to nominate me. We all know to be careful of scams and "freebies" in anything that involves home repair, but since the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce was involved, we knew it was legit.

By the way, this blog post and any subsequent blog posts were not required or even requested by Everdry Roofing. It has been unbearable NOT to blog about it. I wanted to run right back in the house and blog it when I found out I won, but I knew it would be a much better blog post with photos!

In my research for this post, I just found this YouTube video 
(I didn't realize at the time they were taking video -- you know, you can never tell these days!)

One day, I received a phone call from Jamie Scuka of Everdry Roofing. She told me I was a finalist, and could they come out to see the roof. I was excited just to be a finalist!
Actual photo of me that day.

Imagine my surprise when the owners of Everdry Roofing, along with a representative from the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce were at my door with helium balloons and a certificate, telling me I had actually won!

They came out later and measured & explained the whole process and what to expect very well. Yesterday, a dumpster arrived and the shingles and supplies were delivered.

My son was excited about the new stuff in the driveway!

As I write this, 5 guys are up on my roof removing the old roof shingles. They've laid tarps all around the outside of the house to catch debris and help cut down on discarded nails falling in the grass. When the job's all done, they'll do their best to pick up nails with a magnet.

Everybody I've dealt with so far is so nice, and all the materials are Owens Corning, even the ridge vent. There is that part of me that is paranoid about things that seem to be "too good to be true," but  Everdry has not cut corners!

Scraping off the old roof shingles
Everdry Roofing wants to make the Roof Relief Giveaway an annual project. As Jamie Scuka of Everdry Roofing said, "This shows that you can do well by helping others."  Everdry is definitely helping me, and I sure appreciate it! So if you know a deserving person or non-profit that could use a new roof, be sure to tell them about this program.

I'll share more photos soon of the finished job!

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