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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snellville Downtown Development Authority To Develop Wisteria Place Property

Photo by My Snellville Blog

In the Gwinnett Daily Post article linked below, the property is called the "Spohn property," because it was previously owned by developer Douglas Spohn. But most of us here in Snellville know it as Wisteria Place, or refer to it as the lot with "the bridge to nowhere" on it.  In any case, it's going to be nice to see something happening with it. Situated right across Wisteria Drive from our new Snellville Police Department building, the property has the potential to be a gorgeous development. The Department of Transportation will be installing a roundabout in front of the lot. A roundabout will enable traffic to slow in order for drivers to turn, but lets traffic flow continue. Roundabouts help with congestion and reduce vehicle emissions from cars sitting on idle waiting for a traffic light.  I'd much rather use a roundabout with pleasant landscaping in the center of it, and keep moving, rather than sit behind another vehicle at a traffic light, choking on fumes and looking at a bumper. So I'm looking forward to the development of this property and the roundabout. 

Development of Snellville's town center being lauded
SNELLVILLE — Snellville's Downtown Development Authority members are looking forward to the development of Snellville's town center. Earlier this month, the authority became the owner of land tracts on Wisteria Road previously known as the Spohn ...

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