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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Snellville City Council to vote on tax increase July 11

This was not nice news to see as soon as I woke up today. There's an old law on the books that can allow municipalities in Georgia to "raise property taxes without informing residents ahead of time." Clearly, we are being informed ahead of time, as we are reading this!

But still --
I am not happy about this. It's definitely a challenging time for everyone. Regarding this tax, I mainly want to know -- have we exhausted every other possibility? Could we do more to promote the recycling program? (Because the recycling center makes money for the city). Could the city hold a sale of unused equipment & stuff? (Just like residents have had to have yard sales). Can we close off a portion of Snellville City Hall to save on energy? Maybe these things are too small to make an impact, but if you take a lot of small things and add them up, they can make a difference. Have these ideas even been tried? Or is the easiest way to jack up taxes on the citizens? I know Wisteria Place was a bargain, but maybe that should be sold. I bargain isn't a bargain if you can't afford it.

A quirk in a 12-year-old state law allows counties, cities and schools to raise property taxes without informing residents ahead of time -- 

The City of Snellville might do it. Gwinnett County hasn't ruled anything out. Cobb County has looked at the option, but may need so much extra money that it can't get away with not broadcasting an increase. But Georgia's largest county, ...

The Snellville City Council will vote on a tax roll-up on July 11 to help make up for a 7.4-percent drop in property values over the past year. By staying within the allowable rollback rate, Snellville will hold just one public hearing, on July 11, when the rate is voted on, City Manager Russell Treadway said.

Well, I've got to run now. Time for annual car emissions and registration/tag taxes. The day just keeps getting better and better! Happy Birthday to me! (Sarcasm)

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