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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Snellville punk band members arrested for graffiti

...and not just any graffiti. They painted the name of their band, which made it very easy for police to arrest them.

I'm not saying that graffiti is excusable in any way, but I must admit I'm not terribly shocked that members of a punk band got overly excited and painted graffiti in Lawrenceville to advertise their band. In the middle of the night.  I mean, it's a punk band. If it was a polka band, that would be a different story. Not that stereotyping is any excuse.

You'll proabably find it enjoyable to listen to the music below while reading the news story. We aim to be a multi-media, multi-sensory experience here at My Snellville Blog. Rock the Casbah!

LAWRENCEVILLE — Four Snellville men have been arrested in connection with a graffiti spree that involved at least 26 properties and vehicles near Lawrenceville's downtown square. According to Sgt. Brad Grove with Lawrenceville Police, the vandals were ...

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