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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey Snellville! It's Time to Show Negative Political Campaigners the Door

Hooray for Snellville Mayor Pro-Tem Barbara Bender and Council Member Tom Witts for setting things straight, even though it appears that Council Member Kelly Kautz unfortunately is unable and unwilling to do so.  I think it's appropriate also to point out that Kelly Kautz is up for election this year, whereas Tom Witts' term ends in 2013. You can figure it out for yourself.

Can you imagine a city council member emailing the media with negative "information" about the city? It boggles my mind that this is how a council member could possibly think doing that would serve her constituents. She sent it to anyone she thought would drink the "Kelly Kautz Kool Aid," but notably did not send it to me. Why? She knew I wouldn't give her quotes the time of day. Negative local tabloid outlets were very quick to edit their articles to include Ms. Kautz's accusations without fact-checking them.

If you live in Snellville, please share this link using any of the social media tools you can find below. Let's put the pressure on all the candidates that if you're not honest in your campaign we will call you on it. Although we might not be able to stop it, it's our duty as citizens to expose it. Candidates should be required to make us PROUD if they are going to lead this community.

Councilman Tom Witts also weighed in on the subject of infighting and innuendo, stating that Kautz’s recent accusation that former Director of Planning and Development Harmit Bedi’s resignation was the result of pressure brought to bear by some council members.

Witts stated Monday that Kautz contacted media outlets herself to say that Bedi was not a member of Snellville’s political “clique” and left his position as a result.

Witts emphatically denied that he had anything to do with Bedi’s departure and admonished residents to pay attention to who works together and who works against the council.

“Great things are happening in Snellville, and most citizens know who was and was not involved,” Witts said. “I will correct and expose half-truths, innuendos and lies.”

Witts went on to advise residents to watch for themselves and make public any inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

“It’s the one thing that will stop all this,” Witts said.

Snellville council members looking for common ground

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