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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cell phone monopole approved, with conditions

"A tower that is designed to look like a tree will be built on the property located at 1851 Rockdale Circle and owned by Virginia Garner. The appearance of the structure is intended to be more natural-looking than a simple monopole tower, which was originally proposed. “The antennas are shrouded in the branches,” said Kimberly Adams, who was at Monday’s meeting representing T-Mobile. A telecommunications facility will also be built on the site, and the tower can potentially accommodate a total of 4 carriers, including T-Mobile."

Excerpted from: Snellville OKs cell phone tower in city, Gwinnett Daily Post, October 11, 2010.


  1. I really wish they would stop with the "more natural looking" tree disguise for the cell phone towers. NOBODY is fooled into thinking those things are trees.

  2. It confuses the woodpeckers too. lol


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