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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everson named Workforce Development chief

Melvin Everson of Snellville recently ran for the post of Georgia Labor Commissioner but did not win the primary election. On Friday, Governor-elect Nathan Deal named Everson director of the Governor's Office of Workforce Development.

Melvin Everson was the first African American elected to public office in Snellville when he became a city council member. He became our state representative in 2005, again making history by becoming the first  African-American elected to the General Assembly that resided in Gwinnett County and the first African American Republican to win in a contested race since Reconstruction.  A Conservative Republican, Everson has been called the "obverse Obama" - being completely on the other end of the spectrum from Barack Obama's political views.

Mr. Everson said he still plans to attend law school and will remain an associate pastor of Salem Missionary Baptist Church. Asked what his first steps will be after he takes office on January 10, 2001, Everson said, " I hope to develop a world class work force for the additional 21st Century jobs that will become available."

1 comment:

  1. Shortly after Melvin Everson lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for Georgia Labor Commissioner, we were talking about the election's outcome. Melvin was philosophical about the loss and said that his wife had told him that it was just a s well because it was the wrong position for him. I told Melvin his wife was correct. Apparently Governor Deal is of a similar mind because he not only picked Melvin as a member of his transition team, he also appointed him the Director of the Governor's Office of Workforce Development.


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