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Monday, March 21, 2011

AJC covers 'breaking' story from 2008

I can't believe the man (as quoted in this article) said he'd rather see a building be a crack house than a crematory.  I don't know how knowledgeable he is about crack houses, but I'd much rather live near a crematorium!

Let's do an experiment -- I'll move next to a crematory, let's let him move next to a crack house, and let's see which one of us is still alive in 10 years. lol!

Well it's all over now anyway. I think there is an element of Atlanta media that wants to make fun of towns in the suburbs?!? I don't know why the AJC would want to dredge up a stale story while the rest of us are looking forward, but since I try to bring you everything Snellville, here it is.

Vacant building marks Snellville crematory fight
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The basic brick ranch at the corner of US 78 and Abington Road near downtown Snellville sits vacant, shuttered and for sale. Nothing happens there. That'sjust fine with nearby residents, city officials and even the local company that ...

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