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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

City Welcoming Higher Education Options

From a City of Snellville Press Release:

City Strives For Highest Quality of Life By Investigating Higher Education Opportunities

Snellville, Ga.   –Snellville residents, city leaders and city staff members gathered  Tuesday evening to brainstorm ideas for encouraging partnerships with higher education providers.  A recent survey conducted by the city’s economic development department provided insights into the need for higher education in the community. Motivated by this information, council member Mike Sabbagh, initiated a discussion about opportunities to provide advanced college curriculum through the recruitment of an institution such as Gwinnett Technical Institute or Georgia Gwinnett College. Satellite campuses of these institutions could be a good fit for this area, which produces more than 3,000 high school graduates each year.

The recent Town Center planning initiative by the City of Snellville is creating energy in the community.   This energy was evident by more than 1,000 members of Snellville’s city who completed the town’s survey, participated in the city’s February Town Center Charette, and came to the City Hall to discuss a variety of options. The estimated 8,000 square feet of space in Snellville’s  city hall could become classrooms for a higher learning center, following the success story recently documented at  University Center in Greenville, South Carolina.
Meeting participants agreed to reach out to higher education options to learn more of their needs and interests including number of classrooms and what it would take to land a campus in Snellville.
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Contact:   Eric G. Van Otteren

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