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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Police: Documents Were Discarded Accidentally

An update on the discovery of thousands of documents found in dumpster behind a strip mall on Scenic Highway. A collection agency changed ownership and a company that was hired to clean out the space in the strip mall threw the documents away accidentally. The new collection agency has the documents now. Police do not believe any of the information was used fraudulently.

I think we can glean 2 things from this situation, and of course I have to be a little bit of a smart aleck about it. That's what you pay me for, right? ;-)

1) I'm just guessing the people hired to clean out the building couldn't read English. You get what you pay for.

2) I bet the credit rating of the individuals on the sensitive documents was already really bad. Their accounts had gone to collections. Being in the dumpster could have been an improvement. Not that I'm in favor of anybody's information being discarded without being shredded first!

Police: Boxes of personal info discarded accidentally
SNELLVILLE — There's no indication boxes of sensitive, personal information that accidentally ended up in a Dumpster behind a strip mall off Scenic Highway ...

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