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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thousands of Sensitive Documents Found in Snellville Dumpster

It's unknown why these documents were discarded in a trash dumpster behind a strip mall on Scenic Highway. But if your information is found on any of the documents, the Snellville Police will contact you.

Thousands of personal documents found in Snellville trash
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Although police said they didn't have a lot of information about the documents, the reporter said the paperwork contained credit card information, including three-digit security codes and checking account documents that listed both the account and routing numbers. Thomas said investigators plan to go through the documents Monday morning to determine where they came from and who might be affected.

This second link has some news coverage video:

Thousands Of Sensitive Documents Found In Dumpster
WSB Atlanta
SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- Snellville police are investigating who dumped thousands of documents containing people's personal information into a Dumpster after a viewer called in a tip to Channel 2 Action News. Officers spent hours cleaning out the Dumpster and even went as far as physically getting into the Dumpster to make sure they had all of the documents.

UPDATE: Snellville Police have determined that the documents were discarded accidentally when a collection agency changed ownership. [details]

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