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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dave Emanuel to run for Snellville City Council

Dave Emanuel, a Snellville Planning Commissioner, officially announced his campaign for City Councilman today. In making his announcement, Emanuel said, “I decided to run for City Council because I believe maintaining and building on the momentum of the past year is vital to Snellville’s long-term success and prosperity. Many of the members of current City Council have been instrumental in eliminating the deadlocks of the past and that has completely transformed the city’s personality. I’d like to help kick the city’s momentum into high gear because that will revitalize and protect property values, improve the business environment, reduce costs and improve services. In addition to economic improvements, we’ll make Snellville a better place to live and create a greater feel of community”.
As an owner of Random Technology, Inc., a business that manufactures automotive catalytic converters and exhaust systems, Emanuel is more than familiar with the need to make maximum use of resources, and to take creative, common sense approaches to solving problems. Emanuel stated he’ll take the same approach to city business. “A city government’s primary business is providing service; its customers are the taxpayers. If the city is run with maximum efficiency, the quality of service increases and taxes decrease. It’s obviously not quite that simple because city officials frequently have to consider a variety of county, state and Federal requirements when making decisions. But regardless of the complexity of a situation, I’ve always found that common sense goes a long way when you’re trying to find the most cost-effective solutions. I look forward to working with other council members to enable the city to operate with maximum efficiency.”
Snellville’s landscape has recently been improved with the addition of a new high tech police station, a town green that hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market, concerts and festivals and a revitalization of Briscoe Park. And there’s more to come. According to Emanuel, “The vision for a Snellville Town Center offers tremendous potential. It will help the city attract new business and improve the environment for existing businesses. We need to take full advantage of the Town Center concept because it will benefit all areas of the city.”

A 28-year resident of Snellville, Emanuel served on the Local School Advisory Committee at Snellville Middle School and Grayson High School. He has served on the Snellville Planning Commission since 2009 and is also a member of STAT (Snellville Tourism and Trade Association) is attending the Snellville Citizens Police Academy, and is a volunteer at city functions such as Snellville Days, Snellville Farmers Market, Fall Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting. Dave has been married to his wife Kathy for 34 years. They have two daughters, Nikki (29) and Shelly (26).

For Additional Information:
(770) 262-2115

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