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Thursday, July 08, 2010

This gift box is a good choice for family gifts

About a week ago, I was presented with the opportunity to review a product from ProFlowers. In exchange for the review, I would get to keep and use the product. I had heard of ProFlowers, and I knew they offered quality items.

The company wanted to know specifically how "Mom Bloggers" like me felt about their selection of gift baskets. I could go to a specific link they provided, and pick the item I wanted to receive and review. They didn't ask me to provide a rave review. The only condition was that they would like me to review the product within 72 hours of receipt. My review could be my review, so we had a deal.

I went to the link to check out the offered gift baskets. They had not only gift baskets and gift boxes, but also Bonsai trees. Wow, I thought - How easy it would be to review a Bonsai tree. ("It's pretty, it's green"?!?) 

A gift basket can be more complicated to review, because there are so many things inside a gift basket/box. But I thought about the Bonsai tree - it didn't deserve to die by coming to my house (ie: I'm unlucky with plants).  I also thought about what you, the blog reader would be most likely to need or purchase. Another important factor was which basket or box my family would enjoy. The kids range in age from 4 to 16 here, so I picked one that offered fruit, nuts, and chocolates/sweets.

I ended up choosing a gift box from their birthday gift basket selection. I chose the box called "One Sweet Mix."  It arrived with 2 perfect apples and 3 perfect pears, also pistachios, chocolate covered almonds, cinnamon toffee almonds, caramel corn, and fruit jelly candies. I have to fight the urge to overly-detail everything, so I'm going to forget about rating each item from 1 to 10, and just give you my basic opinion overall.

Price: $34.98. Good value for the money, in my opinion (pistachios and almonds in the package are not inexpensive items)

Shipping speed was good. I was told it would arrive on about the 8th of July, and it arrived the day before.

If you order: If you order this item, it's important to know that the assortment may be slightly different from what is stated. For example, the Nutrition Facts insert sent with the box shows Chocolate Covered Cashews but I received Chocolate Covered Almonds. I'm not complaining here - the Chocolate Covered Almonds were GREAT. (I'll be blunt - I could eat my weight in those babies!) The package included Caramel Corn, but the Nutrition Facts sheet doesn't list Caramel Corn. The website description says Dark Chocolates with Coconut Center are in the box, but mine included a Bridge Mix. So due to availability, there could be slight variation in what you receive, but you are still getting the value.

The assortment gives both salty, sweet, and healthy. This is a good selection to send an individual, or even a family, if you don't know for sure what their tastes are, but I wouldn't use it as a gift for a client, because it's a fairly average selection, and isn't unique enough to really "wow" someone you need to really impress. Overall, this is pretty typical example of a fruit/nut/sweet gift box. If you want everyone to be happy with a general gift, the odds are in your favor.

*You can click on the photos to see them larger.

For more information, visit ProFlowers or call them at 1-800-580-2584


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I've used Proflowers many times and I've also more recently began not using them for fresh flowers. The reason is that I've found the flowers several times (when receiving them)bug infested or wilted and not usable. Also I contacted them about it and they were very apologetic and sent out a new bundle of flowers and included chocolates as an apology. However, the new flowers were also infested with bugs, so I told the sender (friend)about it and now neither of us use them for flowers. Just thought you might want to know.

  2. Oh, Anonymous(Deb) from our email chat, I just realized that you may have 1-800Flowers confused with ProFlowers. This blog post is about ProFlowers.


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