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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's happening to the City Hall dome?

What is being done to the dome of Snellville City Hall?  I noticed today that there's scaffolding around it.

Read on for the Answer,

from Tod Warner of the Snellville City Council:

"We have had a number of leaks since the building was new.  You may have noticed the paint in the rotunda upstairs was pulling away from the wall in a number of places as water would seep in and leak down the wall behind the layers of paint.  Good paint job.  We do not know at this point why it leaks or where the water is coming from.

The City's insurance company has agreed to pay the cost of the repairs and will go after whomever is found to be at fault.  Was it bad design? Was it faulty materials?  Was it even built as designed?  We won't know until the repair crews start taking things apart.

Once everything is done the City will have a fifteen-year warranty on the repairs for materials and workmanship and the insurance company will go after the at fault party."

On September 3rd, Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on this story:
Snellville to repair 4 years of City Hall leaks
Atlanta Journal Constitution

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