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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nice try, Mr. Moore

P.E. teacher tries to get kids healthy, but he didn't bargain for a Dixon child's ability to rationalize. That's embedded in our family genes.

Many people in Snellville know Mr. Jimmy Moore, longtime P.E. teacher for W.C. Britt Elementary School. Well, Mr. Moore came up with a smart plan to increase the kids' awareness of healthy habits.

The kids were given calendar, and every week of November, they just need to practice a different healthy habit - Replacing sugary drinks with water, exercising 30 minutes a day, replacing sweets with fruits and vegetables. Then, for the final week of November, the goal is to combine all those healthy habits.

When the kids return the calendar at the beginning of December, with each day initialed by themselves and their parent or guardian, they will receive a prize.

My second-grade son was very excited about this, and I was all for the plan. I told him I would do it along with him.

Then came time to pack his snack for school. I pointed out, "Well, if you are going to go for the prize, then you shouldn't have this Capri-Sun drink pouch, because it has sugar in it.  But that's okay, you can take water."

The boy thought this over for a moment, then said, "Y'know mom, I was just thinking...we already have enough toys. I don't need the prize, that would be more clutter in the house. I can take the Capri-Sun."

So my son made the great personal sacrifice of having the Capri-Sun, rather than let me suffer from more clutter.

If you fell for that, I have some Snellville Beach property for sale.


  1. memememe9:25 AM

    Just so you know, "Honest Kids," has a juice bag like Capri but it only has 40 calories, because it is mostly water... nothing artificial and no added sweetener. I agree with the clutter tho. The prize should just be health... I say to our daughter, "will this make you stronger or weaker?" She picks the "stronger" choice 90% of the time. She's good!

  2. We tried the fruit juice vegetable blend stuff recently and the kids really liked it! I rarely buy Capri Sun, especially since real juice is only a little bit more. But the other parental unit is as swayed by commercials on TV as the kids are LOL!

  3. Lol!! OMG, he is great! That optimism will carry him a long way.
    And just so you know, I have a 19 year old who still takes Capri Sun (and Sponge Bob Gummies) in her lunch. :)


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