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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book stores in Snellville

Once upon a time, we had only a couple bookstores in Snellville. We didn't have the Borders or the Barnes and Noble stores seventeen years ago. I worked for several years at Waldenbooks & More, which was located in Stone Mountain. It was a large, freestanding bookstore, and I was assistant manager.  Many people from Snellville would drive several miles to buy books there.

The "big" bookstore we had in Snellville was Chapter 11, which was located in the shopping center where Big Lots is now.  After Chapter 11, there was another bookstore in the space called Books For Less. When Big Lots wanted to expand their store to include furniture, Books For Less lost their lease.  Books For Less didn't go out of business - they still have a location in Alpharetta Ga.  If I recall, Chapter 11's company name became prophetic and they filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Just thinking about the garish yellow bookshelves they had makes my eyes burn. Still, it's sad that those small bookstores are no longer in Snellville. The "independents" add a touch of local flavor.

We also had an Odin's Comic Book shop in the Fountain Square Shopping center, near McGee Road and US-78. It closed about a year ago to the dismay of Snellville comic book collectors.

Here are the bookstores in Snellville now -

Barnes & Noble Bookseller is located at the Avenue at Webb Gin, 1350 Scenic Highway Suite 100
Snellville, GA 30078. The store's phone number is 770-979-0138.

Borders Books and Music, located at 1929 Scenic Highway, Snellville. The store's phone number is 770-982-0454. (It's at the corner of Scenic Highway 
and Ronald Reagan Parkway, in front of Target).

Cornerstone Christian Bookstore has been serving Snellville for many years. It is located at 1770 Presidential Circle Snellville, 30078 - That's behind the Presidential Market Shopping Center. I find it's easiest to find if you turn from Ronald Reagan Parkway onto Tree Lane. The store will be on your right.

Paperbacks, (used books) 1977 Scenic Hwy N # F, Snellville - 770-972-3388. (This is in the same shopping center as Michael's Arts and Crafts). The store stocks a lot of romance genre, but you can also find some trade/technical books, sheet music, and a decent supply of school reading list titles and Cliffs Notes. A really fun store to browse, and the staff is helpful. 

On a personal note, please think about browsing and shopping in a bookstore in Snellville next time you need a book, instead of immediately buying it online. Your business can help keep someone in Snellville employed and help our local economy.

The list of bookstores in Snellville is not very long, but most needs are covered. If a book is out-of-stock, it can usually be special-ordered for you at no additional expense. Both Borders and Barnes & Noble have regular buyer clubs, and if you sign up for mailing lists from bookstores, you will usually receive coupons in the e-mails.


  1. I didn't know about the used paperback store. I will check it out. I love the Borders at Scenic and Ronald Reagan. The employees are very helpful.

    I don't remember Waldenbooks in Stone Mountain. Where was it located?

  2. Wait... Odin's closed?! No way!

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Odin's Comics has consolidated to a single location near the intersection of Five Forks Trickum Road and Killian Hill.

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Books for Less also has a location near the Mall of Georgia on Hwy 20. They also have a web site which allows you to order books at 25% off.


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