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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passover in Snellville

Shared with My Snellville Blog readers by Aimee Prainito

So, its April and you just moved here from the Northeast and in an instant it's Passover. What to do? If you think that you are going to run over to Waldbaums and spend $25 and get 5 lbs of Matzoh for free, think again. That is not about to happen.

Here, off to Kroger and one small box of Matzoh is about $3.50 and not much of a choice either. They will have the basics you need, but not much  -- and hardly anything really Kosher. As for the Gefilte fish, they also carry it, but as usual quite expensive. After the second year here you can get used to it as well as the taste.

You can go down to Toco Hills off of Druid Hills and 78 and there is kosher style deli like Ben's from NY. It's called BAGEL PALACE. They are not kosher as they have ham and bacon, but they carry the best bagels around. The owners are from New York. They have your typical lox, whitefish and herring as well as an assortment of cream cheeses. They also have a bakery selection that rivals Mr. Cookie (again a NY reference) but $$ since they are the only ones around.

Publix may have a slightly better Passover selection than Kroger but realize you will probably pay more. There is also a Kosher Butcher in Toco Hills.

Good luck and a happy passover.

Aimee Prainito is an occupational therapist in Snellville. Aimee has lived in Snellville for eight years and is married with two children. The Prainito family moved to Georgia from New York, after spending eight years in Arizona.

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