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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Having fun in Snellville's snow

In Michigan, about 1968
We've had some fun with the recent snowfall in Snellville. The weatherman said it was the first "measurable snow" in the Atlanta area on Christmas since 1882.  That's not to say we haven't had any snow since 1882, it's just that this is the first time we've had a measurable amount fall on Christmas day.

I grew up in Michigan, and snow was one of my favorite playthings. So today, the day after Christmas, I got my boys (ages 5 & 7) properly attired to play in the snow. Well, as properly attired as one can do in Georgia. We don't have boots, we just have sneakers.

The first lesson I taught them, after "never eat yellow snow" was that the key to staying warm is layering. The first step is to put plastic bags on your feet. Oh yes, you read that right. Anyone who's spent time up north is probably nodding their head in acknowledgement right now. I'm sure the boys thought I was nuts, but they went along with it, because they wanted to play in the snow.

Here's how it's done. Put on 1 pair of socks. Cover that with a sandwich baggie or a plastic grocery bag. Personally, I think sandwich baggies are the best, because they are quieter.  Now, cover the plastic bag on your foot with another sock. You may then decide to put one more sock on top of that. Then put on your shoes. When you put on your shoes, they will be tight. But that's okay. You see, the baggie will keep your feet dry. Especially since most of us don't have winter boots to wear here in Georgia.

Before you go back in the house, you stomp. Stomp as hard as you can. If you've been making snow angels, then hop up and down to knock the snow off your body. Make a real spectacle of yourself.  You'll know you've done enough stomping and jumping when you're sure you look like a complete doofus, Once you're inside the house, peel the first layer of everything off. Take off the top sock and the plastic bag.  Notice how your feet are nice and dry, although your shoes are wet.

But the number one thing to learn about snow is this - After somebody throws a snowball at you and misses, it's fair play to pick that same snowball up and throw it back at them. Repeat.

The final (and probably the most important) step after going inside is to have hot cocoa!

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