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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Resolutions

Do you make a practice of setting New Year's resolutions?

According to US News and World Report's Money column, quoting a study done on resolutions, "only 12 percent of study participants, representative of the public at large, achieved the goals set forth by their resolutions by the end of the following year. That is a dismal success rate." The column shares some ways you might improve your chances of meeting your resolutions, such as expressing your resolutions as goals, focusing only on what you can control, choosing goals with a personal meaning,  and lastly, making your goals public and asking for support from friends.

So, rather than sharing my New Year's resolutions and possibly having to follow through on my goals, I decided to ask a few people I know about theirs. Sneaky, huh?

Christy Brannon, a Snellville real estate agent, said, "I am going to resolve to get involved in more civic and community events and meetings."

For Aysha Cooper, owner of SarahCare, an adult day-care service in Snellville, last year's resolution was to be more aware of what was going on in her community and to work on making a difference. Cooper said she met that goal by joining and becoming active as the Secretary for S.T.A.T., the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association.  "For 2011, my resolution will be to create a good balance of family and work," Cooper said. "SarahCare has kept me very busy this year so I want to be more available to my family now that we have our first year under our belt."

Deborah Ankrom Kepes, a renowned portrait artist who has recently opened an art gallery and art instruction studio in Snellville said her main resolution is "To think before I speak, and try to be kind to each and every person I meet."

Lisa Kulp of Snellville says for the past few years, she's been resolving to be more grateful for blessings and to be forgiving. However, "As far as giving up vices and such, I've given most of them up and the ones I still have, I'm keepin.' " [I love that one!]

But some folks didn't have a resolution last year. Melvin Everson, recently named director of the Governor's Office of Workforce Development by incoming Governor Deal  says he did not have a resolution in 2010, but says his resolution for 2011 is to "get jobs for Georgians." That is one resolution we all want to to be achieved. Now that it's been made public, Everson is asking for our support. I know I'll be in his corner!

I'm raising my Tupperware tumbler full of chocolate milk in a toast to Snellville and 2011. Won't you join me?

1 comment:

  1. Genevieve Williams8:27 PM

    I’m tired of making those drudgery resolutions. This year I resolve to do more fun things.
    1) Visit the Snellville Farmer’s Market at least once a month next summer
    2) Check into art lessons at the recently opened gallery in Snellville
    3) Take advantage of the walking trails in our local parks
    4) Join the Snellville Senior Center
    5) Dine out or get to-go at least once a week from a local restaurant
    6) Indulge in a pedicure every couple of months
    I think this year’s list will be a lot easier to keep than previous years’ lists. Feel free to adopt it as your own.


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