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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow in Snellville Ga

Snellville saw the first snowfall of the year today. It's coming down as I write this, and there's no telling how long it will last or if it will "stick."  The first reports came to me through other Twitter users. It started snowing first near Lawrenceville, and then reports came in from Grayson of snow flurries and sleet. Now I'm seeing the snow flurries myself in Snellville.

Of course, the question on student's minds is - Will there be school tomorrow in Gwinnett County? Well, I know from experience that the weather situation has to be pretty dire for Gwinnett County Schools to close. So if you have homework due on Monday, you'd better do it!

Now, how do you stand for your snow preparedness supplies? It's a running joke here that whenever there is the slightest chance of snow, everybody rushes to the grocery store for milk, eggs, and bread.

I love Shawn Hill's comment, "Alert!! French Toast Advisory! Snow Flurries have been spotted in the area. Everybody raid your local grocery store. You know what to get."  Shawn's view is that it must be a French Toast Advisory, because what else do you make with bread, eggs, and milk!? 

Is this kind of emergency stocking up needed? Most of the time, no. I think the idea is that the bread is needed in case of power going out because of an ice storm. I can recall only 2 ice storms in this area in the last 17 years. The most useful things I like to have on hand are fresh batteries, flashlights, logs if you have a fireplace, and rock salt to melt ice on the walkway or porch.

If this round of snow doesn't stick (and I don't think it will), use this as a wake-up call from Mother Nature. Consider what you would want in case the power went out from bad weather, and make a list to get prepared.

Check out this page of for a list of suggested things to have on hand in an emergency kit for your family.

Thanks to:
@JustJeremy @bjaj1 @racheloverby @ramblingreba for being my snow-reporter-helpers on Twitter!

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