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Monday, December 13, 2010

City of Snellville Initiates Town Center Master Plan Project

The City of Snellville has hired a company called Clark Patterson Lee to create a 'visioning study' of Snellville. Clark Patterson Lee will be tasked with bringing plans together from previous studies to help Snellville shape its downtown.  Clark Patterson Lee worked with Suwanee in development of that city's successful Town Center development.  The proposal by Clark Patterson Lee includes branding, deciding what kind of businesses Snellville should work to attract and what types of retail shops would be a good fit here. Tonight the Snellville City Council voted for discussion of the proposal to proceed. Here is the press release from the City of Snellville. This is it in it's 'draft' form (ie - it's not perfect, but you are getting a sneak peek before it hits major news outlets).

Press Release:
Several months ago, the Snellville City Council took the bold step of focusing on economic development. Snellville, and the City Council, is on a mission to create a well crafted Town Center that promotes sustainable economic development, establishes a promotable image, and outlines physical enhancements needed to bring the vision to fruition, said Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer. Recognizing an opportunity to address its current and future community and economic development needs, Snellville city leaders have taken an important step toward developing a Vision and Town Center Master Plan or its downtown.

To guide the City in its planning effort, Snellville City Council selected Clark Patterson Lee, a full service planning and design firm, located in Suwanee. Clark Patterson Lee has served as City Engineer since 2004. Clark Patterson Lee's multi disciplined staff will be joined by two key project partners: Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company (DPZ) and EOS Marketing, both located in Atlanta. DPZ is a major leader in the direction and practice of community master planning and traditional neighborhood development. EOS is a marketing and advertising fir that specializes in branding. The collective team of planners, urban designers, architects, engineers, marketing analysts and development specialists will address all of the issue and needs identified by the city of Snellville.

The Master Plan will guide the city's development and redevelopment efforts and outline a branding scheme and economic sustainability strategy to promote Snellville as a destination for residents and visitors.

The plans recommendations for development and redevelopment will be formulated base on an interactive planning and design process The project will include focus group meetings with key stakeholders, public information  meeting, and a multi day design Charrette that will offer the community ad large opportunities for hand son design input. Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Bender commented that the city council is striving to create a place ta focuses on connecting the community.

"This is an exciting and important planning project for Snellville which builds upon the City's Comprehensive  Plan and LCI Study. By promoting traditional neighborhood development and urban planning strategies to accommodate future growth, our city will create a vibrant, attractive town center that fosters activity, investment and sustainable development, said Eric Van Otteren, City of Snellville Economic Development Manager.

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