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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video: What's going on in Snellville

Hope Tod Warner likes Batman! Na na na na na na nonna BatMAN!!!

Links relating to this video: (you are here, thanks!) (for Snellville Days application or to take the city survey and more) for information about Snellville Days.

Notes from the video/text:

"Hello crime fighters! Do you like my new video background? This is for Snellville City Councilman Tod Warner, who took issue with my flowery kitchen wallpaper. Not really, he just teased me about it and said I should put a sheet up there. So this is a sheet.  Hope he likes Batman. Planning Commission meeting previously scheduled for January 28th has been canceled due to lack of business to discuss. I've posted a list of February Snellville events on, so be sure to check that out. There are a lot of exciting things happening in Snellville. This year will be the THIRTY EIGHTH year of the Snellville Days Parade and Festival in Snellville. On February 1st at 6 p.m., there will be a Snellville Days planning meeting in the Betty McMichael room at T.W. Briscoe Park, Anyone interested in helping to plan the event is invited to attend. Applications are being accepted for arts and crafts vendors for the Snellville Days Festival which will be held in May. Visit to get all the forms and information. Arts and craft vendor booths rent for $100 each, and qualifying non-profit booth spaces will rent for $50. Police Sargent Ray Gunter back to work next week. Ray was severely injured in a motorcycle accident last year and lost part of one of his legs. He is really an inspiration. Snellville is buying the Wisteria Square property for approximately $700,000. The next step is underway - Snellville City Attorney Tony Powell is working to make sure that Snellville has a clean and clear title for the piece of real estate known as the Wisteria Square property on Wisteria Drive, right across from the new Police Station. Councilman Tom Witts has asked that everyone show up for the town center visioning charettes that will take place between February 10th and 18th.  He says that "participation is voluntary, but living with the RESULT is going to be mandatory!"  So think about what you would like to see Snellville be like 10 years from now. Witts said we are only as good as the info they receive from the public. It's the ideas from the public  that they will give to the designers. Witts said "this is your city, its up to use to build it and participate -- please take time to complete the survey. You can find a link to the survey on or on the main page of My Snellville
In more downtown Snellville news, Winter Construction  has been given the go ahead to be the construction manager and begin the pre-construction work on Snellville's Town Green improvements. This will be for from SPLOST funds.
Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Bender will continue her position as Mayor Pro Tem. Mayor Pro Temmeans the same thing as Vice Mayor. Snellville City employees will be glad to know that the city council has voted to absorb increased health insurance costs this year and the city will pay out of the general fund for that. None of the city employees have had raises in 3 years, but I guess like the rest of the still-employed, they are glad to be still-employed. In 2011, two city council posts will be open. If you want to be a candidate for Snellville City Council, Qualifying fees from candidates will be due on April 1, 2011. Qualifying fees were set to 3% of the previous year's salary from each position. The new police station will be fully open and occupied sometime in February. The new public works facility will open around April 1st. To see the entire Snellville City Council meeting, you can tune into Comcast channel 25 at 6:30 p.m. on February 6th. The next Snellville City Council meeting is scheduled for February 14th with a work sessionat 6:30 and the regular council meeting at 7:30 p.m."

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