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Friday, April 15, 2011

There IS Another Snellville!

Lego Man was shocked too.
It's going to be hard to say this. I just learned the truth a few days ago, and I'll admit it has really shattered me. Deep breath...okay, here goes -- You remember when I told you that Snellville Ga was the only Snellville? I thought it was.

You'd think in 5 years of doing this blog, if there was another Snellville, I would have come across that information. But, I'll just come right out and say it. There's no sugar-coating this. Snellville Georgia is NOT the only Snellville.

The Other Snellville (henceforth to be known as TOS The Imposter) is in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Yes, that's right. A state that I always have to Google to double-check that I spelled it right. That is just wrong, people! lol

Here's a map of Snellville MA. Unbelievably -- THEY HAVE A MAIN STREET TOO! Can you believe the coincidence? What's the likelihood that another city named Snellville would have a street called Main Street? 100 Percent? Yeah.

Any Snellville, Massachusetts people reading this -- I am just kidding. Sort of. We'll make you our "sister city," if you are willing. Maybe we could trade postcards or t-shirts or something.

Erika (Snellville's IT Administrator) and I think maybe Snellville MA is just an area that's populated in Massachusetts, because Erika looked it up and said she couldn't find a Zip code for the place. So I guess we can say that we are the larger Snellville. :)

Take that, Massauchowssitts!!!!

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