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Sunday, May 15, 2011

If YOU were in charge of Snellville

On Twitter, I asked the question:

If you suddenly had the power to change/bring to, or fix one thing about Snellville, what would it be?

Responses I received from Twitter:

  • "The name."
  • "Get a Delorean, go back to 1991...rig the ballot MARTA into Gwinnett...wait 20 able to get places." (This response was from a man who is legally blind and cannot drive himself)
  • "I would build more sidewalks and try to get Gwinnett County to put sewers in older neighborhoods."

Some of the responses from My Snellville Blog's fan page on Facebook were:

  • "Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's"
  • [I'd] "take down ALL those huge billboards and limit businesses to signs on their buildings. ALL plastic sale signs GONE. Very, very trashy."
  • "Whole Foods would be great. I personally would love some sort of cafe' that is geared more towards healthy foods."
  • "Having the new Towne Center built, full, and the place to be seen in Snellville."
  • "A good indoor farmers market like Super H./Great Wall independently owned. 3 nice adult themed eateries also non-chain."
  • "More activities to do with families and toddlers."
  • "Less empty/pointless shopping centers and parking lots. old Target and old Wal-mart are graveyards. put a whole foods in one, and a Trader Joes in the other! get rid of the empty car lots going down 78 and plant trees or start community gardens. try and make Snellville a more "green" community.
So, now it's YOUR turn. What would you change or bring into Snellville to make it more ideal for your life or for others? Do you agree or disagree with these responses?

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