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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Snellville Police conduct Crime Suppression and Traffic Safety Initiative

Message from the Snellville Police Department, as posted on the Snellville Police Facebook page.

If you have been through Snellville during the last couple of nights you may have run across what seems like more police cars than normal. The reason for this is because Night Shift A and B are conducting a week long crime suppression and traffic safety initiative. The two shifts are combining manpower and resources to perform targeted area checks in places that we have had burglaries and other criminal activity. The two shifts are also performing safety road checks and saturation patrols in order to keep Snellville one of the safest places to drive. Warrant services are also being made to attempt to nab fugitives from within your city.

There are not too many cities that can say that the crime rate is lower now than it was back 8 years ago. On top of that a traffic fatality rate that is extremely low compared to other areas of Gwinnett County. This is one of the many initiatives that are planned to keep our crime rate low and our motor vehicle traffic safe and sober.

We have pre-planned locations of safety road checks for this week. However, if you would like a safety road check performed in your area during nighttime hours you can contact Lt. John Tainter at, or Lt. Greg Perry at If you would like a day time road check done in your area you can contact Sgt. Carey Roberts at

Professional proactive criminal patrol is what our uniform officers always strive to accomplish.  Standing by and waiting on a call to come in is not how we want to operate.

We would like to thank all the citizens for their continued support in our efforts to keep Snellville as safe as possible.  And as always IF YOU SEE IT…REPORT IT.

The contact number for the Snellville Police Department is 770-985-3555.

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