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Friday, June 03, 2011

WWWD? (What would Wapner do?)

Imagine coming home and finding that the shingles have been stripped off your roof -- and you didn't hire anybody to do that?

It was a mistake.  A Snellville resident had a dumpster in their driveway for the waste they'd have from a scheduled siding job. A roofer who was hired by a contractor was told by the contractor that there would be a dumpster at the property.  When he saw the dumpster, he thought he had the right house. He was in the right neighborhood, but at the wrong house. Oops. The residents want more money than the roofer is willing to pay out. The roofer has offered to replace the roof (which was only a couple years old and had a 25-year-warranty) but (oops again) the roofer doesn't have insurance. What a mess.

Homeowner: Contractor Removed Roof Off Wrong House
WSB Atlanta
SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- A Snellville couple told Channel 2 Action News that a roofer mistakenly scraped most of the roofing off their home before realizing he was at the wrong house. Mary Hill told investigative reporter Mark Winne she was shocked to come ...

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