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Monday, January 19, 2009

Woman Dies in Snellville Auto Accident

No names have been released. I know the accident occurred in Snellville today, but not sure if the woman who died is from Snellville. When I get any updates, I'll post them.

Ga. woman dies after wreck involving officer
Macon Telegraph - Macon,GA,USA
AP SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- Police say a 61-year-old woman has died from injuries received in a traffic accident involving a Gwinnett County police officer. ...


  1. I work for Dr.B. Abraham PC, 3020 Hwy 124. We could see all the commotion from some our windows. We didn't know it was a wreck at first. We had alot of patients call and say they would be late b/c of car wreck. I am wondering if the lady that lost her life is a patient of ours. If I find out anything I will post it.

  2. Thanks Jeri, I did find out that the crash happened on Centerville Highway near Chesterfield Court in Snellville.


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