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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snellville is not Atlanta

I've noticed that at least online, people in Snellville avoid sharing they're in Snellville. On Twitter, for instance - many accounts will list location as Atlanta when the person really lives or works in Snellville.

It's not just Twitter, either. I have seen many people post Atlanta as their location, when they are really in Snellville. If your zip code is 30039 or 30078, you don't live in Atlanta.

Yes, Twitter is a global marketplace, so putting Atlanta in the location slot makes sense. But there is a way a person can include Atlanta and Snellville.  I have tested this, and either of these will work:

"Snellville GA (Atlanta Metro)"
"Snellville GA, near Atlanta"

Using either of these options will include both Snellville and Atlanta in search results.

My point is, be proud of Snellville. There would be only benefits to someone seeing a Twitter page and wondering, "Where's Snellville?" and looking up the city.

It's a small and free thing Snellville residents can do. If more people in Snellville would share that they live in Snellville, think it would bring more interest to the city.

Be an unofficial ambassador for Snellville. The job you create and the home value you boost may be your own.

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  1. Marion3:19 PM

    You are right about needing to say we are from Snellville. However, sometimes I do get tired of hearing Snellllllville-like the Snail? Are you kidding? That's why many just say Atlanta. Maybe we need buttons that say "Yes Snellville!"

  2. Marion, you need to pronounce it like a northerner instead of with a southern accent. It only sounds like "snail" when a strong southern accent is applied. I also quickly tell people that Snellville is named after a man named Snell. That usually squelches any negative comments. Just be glad Snellville's named after a British man named Snell instead of a German man named Weiner.


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