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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Business Spotlight: Moosehead Marketing Solutions

Jamie Dempsey of Moosehead Marketing Solutions
Phone: 706-202-8574

Tell us about your business: “Plan the work, work the plan. . .”
Moosehead Marketing Solutions is a creative consultancy specializing in Strategic Planning, professional web design, graphic design & Public Relations for the small business, entrepreneur, and the individual. Open communication, planned development and creative focus have been the keys to our success.

Why did you locate your business in Snellville?
As a division of Dempsey Management Services, Inc., Snellville was an IDEAL location- Professional suburban area, with a small-town smile!

What is your most popular service?
Strategic Planning consulting, and website/ marketing material development

Facebook, Twitter

MMS also produces a holiday "Polar Express" experience for schools, churches, and civic groups. Call today for information for this season.


  1. Thank you for the Spotlight! And for all that MySnellvilleBlog does to inform our community!

  2. You're welcome! Now I'm wondering how a moose types on a keyboard. I mean, the keys are so tiny and moose hooves are so big. I'll be trying to figure this out all day. Thanks a LOT.


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