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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Snellville Blog Reader's Comments

I have received so many nice comments from readers recently! Here are just a few:

  • "I can always count on you to have the answer to any question about Snellville! You know EVERYTHING about our fair city!"
~Steve Thomas (@stevelibrarian via Twitter) [link]
  • "MySnellvilleBlog has become my go-to source for anything Snellville. I can find everything from important updates about city council meetings, to what restaurants are opening up nearby. On MSB's Facebook fan page I can connect with other residents and discuss things that are going on in Snellville, and things that need to happen here."
~Trish Bishop, Snellville resident since 2002.
  • "The main benefit I've gotten from My Snellville Blog is, I think, exactly what you originally intended - I feel so much more connected to Snellville. I've always had an unreasoning love for Snellville (especially since I don't actually live there - I have a Lilburn address) and you and My Snellville Blog feed that love. I read your Facebook fan page posts religiously..."
~Donna Hill, Lilburn Ga.
  • "I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and find useful your blog about Snellville.  If there is anything going on in or around Snellville, I can count on you finding it out first and letting me know via the blog, Twitter or Facebook.  I can't tell you how many times I have retweeted or clicked the "share" button on your posts from your blog.  I would never have known about the Snellville Farmer's Market if it were not for your posting.  As soon as I read about the farmer's market, I reposted it  for all my friends who immediately wanted more information about the vendors, how to be a vendor and were very excited to read about the organic veggies for sale.Also, your blog is virtually the only way I keep up to date about Snellville government, local issues, road closures (like during the ice storm or when there was a gas main break) and deals around town from stores.  Also, since you repost your blog via twitter and Facebook, I can keep abreast of happenings by my Smartphone.  Which, because I am a Realtor and not always at my computer, I find the most helpful for me.  Your blog has helped me and a lot of my friends become more involved in our community.  Keep up the good work."
~ Christy Brannon
Thanks to everyone who sent in comments, it's really appreciated. Keep in mind, I also like suggestions on ways to improve. So don't be shy -- keep the comments coming!

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