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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could Gwinnett Property Taxes be Reduced?

I'm no expert on taxation, but it seems to me a clever move by Ms. Nash -- if other metro counties raise their taxes and Gwinnett County even slightly lowers taxes, then Gwinnett County would be more attractive to businesses, wouldn't it?  "Balancing the budget" looks nice on paper, but it doesn't take into account job growth that could occur if our county is even more business-friendly. Do you think this is what Charlotte Nash is thinking?

"We've got two attractive options," said Gwinnett County Commission Chairwoman Charlotte Nash.

One said Nash is to keep property taxes the same to pay off Gwinnett's $51 million bond debt. The county makes about $10 million in payments every year. 

The other option is to slightly reduce property taxes. Not everyone agrees. Gwinnett Commissioner Lynnette Howard wants to slightly raise taxes to balance the budget. Gwinnett started 2011 expecting a 9% drop in property values.

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