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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kaiser Permanente to open office in Snellville

2270 Fountain Dr, Snellville GA
UPDATE July 30, 2010:
A representative from Kaiser Permanente has informed me that the office location has changed to 2240 Fountain Drive, in the old Blockbuster video building, instead of the building pictured here.

Kaiser Permanente has announced it will open a medical office in Snellville. The office will be located at 2270 Fountain Drive. (Locals may not remember the name of this street - but when I tell you it's on the same street where the old Blockbuster Video was, that should help!  The building has been vacant, so this is great news for the area.

The Snellville office will offer obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine, and pediatric care for Kaiser insurance holders.  It will include exam/procedure rooms, a lab, radiology, and pharmacy services. It's expected to employ 11 health care providers.

Kaiser plans to open six other offices in the Atlanta area. The Snellville office will be their fourth in Gwinnett County. One office is planned for Lawrenceville GA.

UPDATE: The Snellville location is projected to open in Fall of 2010, according to a Kaiser Permanente press release.


  1. YAY! Now I can stop driving all the way over to Crescent Center.

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Those of us who have lived in Snellville longer than you will remember that building as the old Eastside hospital complex.

  3. I've been here 17 years, so you are going WAY back! My daughters were born when Eastside was on Fountain Drive. This building may have been part of the complex, but this isn't the actual hospital building, right? At least, it's not the hospital building I remember. This building is one story and too small to have been the hospital.

  4. Anonymous8:21 AM

    No, this building has never been part of the hospital complex, if it is the old Blockbuster building. The old hospital complex is further down the road on Fountain Dr.

  5. This building is 2270 Fountain Drive, the Blockbuster was at 2240 Fountain Drive. This is mentioned in the blog post. It's the same STREET but not same building. I used Blockbuster as a way to help people remember what street Fountain Drive is.

  6. I had my tonsils out when it was Humana :) I am very excited to hear that Kaiser is opening an office in Snellville. I only go once a year (knock on wood) for my "check up" but that drive to Duluth BITES!


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