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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rare Button Gwinnett Signature Found

A very rare signature by Button Gwinnett, one of only 3 Georgians to sign the Declaration of Independence and namesake of our county, was found in some church records of St. Peter's Church, Wolverhampton, UK. You can see the video clip about this find on BBC News here.

Although the signature is so rare it's estimated to be worth 500,000 pounds (roughly equal to 808,000 USD), the church cannot currently sell it because it's part of a public record. The church hopes to be able to put the document on permanent display.  In mid-April, 2010, a 1776 letter with Button Gwinnett's signature brought $722,500 at auction.

Have we been pronouncing the name incorrectly? Apparently so!
The English news announcer pronounced the name like "Gwinit," and our Americanized version sounds like "Gwin-ETT." Watch the video and listen for it.

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