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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snellville bicyclist dies from accident at Stone Mountain Park

The Snellville man was cruising along Robert E. Lee Boulevard Saturday and apparently didn't notice the white and yellow plastic barricade in the road near Admiral Raphael Semms Drive, said Chuck Kelley, the chief of Stone Mountain Park's Department of Public Safety. The barricade was erected to protect pedestrians during a walkathon.

"He ran into the barricade and hit his head on the pavement," Kelley said Wednesday. "All the witnesses said he was looking down, not forward." Kelley, who has worked at the park for 38 years, said this is the first death of a cyclist there that he is aware of.

Kelley wouldn't release the man's name, but said he was in his 60s and that his family told police he was an occasional park visitor.

Excerpted from: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Bicyclist dies in Stone Mountain Park

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Snellville bicyclist dies at Stone Mountain Park
STONE MOUNTAIN — An avid bicyclist from Snellville died after crashing into a barricade at Stone Mountain Park last weekend, authorities said. The crash that killed Marty Amestoy, 66, a real estate agent and Vietnam veteran, happened about 8 am ...

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