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Monday, October 17, 2011

Early Voting Begins Today in Snellville

I don't know why the following web page is set up the way it is, but you'll need to scroll down a bit to see an article about Snellville by mayoral candidate Barbara Bender in Elliott Brack's blog the Gwinnett Forum - it does highlight well what's been happening in Snellville and why we all need to be involved to keep the positivity in our city rolling! If you like what you read, what you see is what you get with Barbara Bender, and early voting begins today between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Snellville City Hall. I am voting for Barbara Bender, and I hope you will too.

All you'll need is your Georgia Driver's License. You can do the early voting through November 4th, then election day is November 8th.
"After the November, 2009 election, Snellville went 19 months without a negative article in the newspaper. So what was happening during these 19 months?" Read more>>

Besides the mayoral race and council seats, the other issue on the ballot is Sunday sales of beer and wine in grocery stores. I will be voting yes. If you wonder how I think, I tend to be pro-business, because being pro-business is pro-consumers and pro-jobs. How would you like to own a grocery store and have a huge section of your store that you could not sell on a Sunday?

I do understand the religious concerns about selling alcohol on Sundays, but I personally don't believe one segment of society's religious beliefs should dictate to everyone. If you don't want to buy alcohol on a Sunday in a grocery store, you can completely ignore that section. You can completely avoid the whole store on Sunday or any other day if you like. Isn't freedom great?
le ballot
You'll also see City Council candidates with no opposition. Barbara Bender and Kelly Kautz were required to resign their council seats in order to run for mayor. Tod Warner resigned his seat and he'll be working with the Planning Commission. We are so lucky that 3 wonderful people stepped forward to fill these council seats - Diane Krause, Bobby Howard, and Dave Emanuel. Please cast a vote for them too, because believe me, we are truly blessed to have these people, along with Tom Witts and Mike Sabbagh on the council.

A city council with Barbara Bender as mayor and council members Krause, Howard, Emanuel and Sabbagh will mean positive propulsion for Snellville. Three members of the upcoming council have already endorsed Barbara Bender. That should tell you something.

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