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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marietta news article says Snellville council member issued Al-Jazeera threat

Snellville city council member Mike Sabbagh was mentioned in a Marietta Daily Journal news article. This is the portion that deals with council member Sabbagh - for the entire article, the most recent version of the page is here. Some excerpts are from an earlier edition of the same news article found here.

Rather unpleasant news to find one of our council members making threats in a Marietta meeting, according to this Marietta Daily Journal article. Probably would have been better if he didn't mention he was a Snellville City Council member (why drag Snellville into something that is a personal issue?)

Also Wednesday, a self-described Southern Polytechnic State University professor [Sabbagh] showed up with Waleed “Lee” Jaraysi and warned the Council that unless they settled the years-long court battle with Jaraysi, Al-Jazeera would start reporting on the matter.

The threat prompted Councilman Johnny Sinclair to respond, “In between their coverage of the crisis in Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, I hope they can find it in their time to come cover our little problem with Mr. Jaraysi.”
During the public comment portion of Wednesday’s meeting, Michael Sabbagh, who identified himself as a Snellville City councilman, a Southern Polytechnic State University professor and a friend of Jaraysi, asked the council to reach a settlement with Jaraysi.

As Jaraysi watched from the audience, Sabbagh claimed that Jaraysi had the money to finish this dilapidated building on South Marietta Parkway near Interstate 75. The Council should allow him to use that money to finish it, he said.

“The money is available.” Sabbagh said. “I’ll bet you if this goes on the Al Jazeera news, they’ll find out about it.”

Yet Councilman Jim King revealed that he had already spoken with Sabbagh about the matter.

“Do you remember that we had a conversation last week?” King said. “Do you remember what we talked about in that conversation last week?”

Sabbagh said he did.

“Do you remember what you promised me at the very end that would happen that very same day? That the escrow would be exposed and would be made available. Did that indeed happen?” King asked.

Sabbagh said it did not happen.

“Thank you,” King said.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal
or here for earlier version of the article.

I think that "Thank you" = "Checkmate."

Mr. Sabbagh has said that he did not "threaten." He simply told them that the story could get reported on by Al-Jazeera and that was not something they would want to happen.

Sabbagh also claimed to be a professor at Southern Polytechnic State University; however an SPSU spokeswoman said he had not been associated with SPSU for five years.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - High court rejects Jaraysi’s appeal

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