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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why hasn't the Sabbagh story gotten coverage by local media?

I am cheesed off that something doesn't smell right here...

I realize many readers of My Snellville Blog aren't really interested in politics. I'm not thrilled with it either. I'd like to avoid it.

I'd like for everyone to get along I'd rather blog about the Snellville Fall Festival. However, there are things I feel you need to know before an election. Things you won't find anywhere else, apparently.

I think it's important Snellville residents know that one of our city council members went to another city's council meeting, identified himself as a Snellville City Council member twice and also misstated facts about where he worked in an attempt to add more weight to his message. Then, he just happened to raise fears - some considered it a threat - among those present, that Al-Jazeera could be hearing about the issue.

I would like for us to get better "investigative reporting" from Snellville Patch, which is what we were promised it would be. I had high hopes recently, but they haven't covered the Sabbagh story at all so far. As a Twitter follower aptly told me, "Patch seems to have drunk the Kautz Kool Aid." Nor has the story been covered by the Gwinnett Daily Post or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I first found the story in the website of a Marietta newspaper. So nice to find bad press about Snellville in a Marietta newspaper. (That last bit was sarcasm, if you missed it)

Why it matters even more is that Mike Sabbagh is a major contributor to Kelly Kautz's mayoral campaign. See below.   I wonder if it's because people aren't making the connection between Sabbagh and Kautz. The connection matters to me. Or, maybe I am just getting old and honesty and integrity isn't considered important anymore? 
Kelly Kautz's Campaign Disclosure Form (harder to find than Obama's birth certificate lol)
I'm open that I am voting for Barbara Bender. I'm not attempting to bash the other team, I'm only trying to say, "Hey, these things that seem minor are actually huge warning sirens that are screaming for us to pay attention!"  

We've all heard the saying "Like attracts like" and, "Birds of a feather flock together." These sayings have been around a long time for a reason. I'll be voting for Bender, and everything I find tells me that I am making the best choice. 

More election-related links:

VIDEO of Council Member Sabbagh speaking at Marietta City Council meeting shocks many
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