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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gwinnett Library System anticipates addition of $32K in free books

Results are in but unofficial - it appears that the Gwinnett County Library System has won the 1,600 free books from Wiley Publishing as part of the publisher's "For Dummies" books promotion. The promotion means that the Gwinnett County Libraries would be awarded with approximately $32,000 worth of books in the For Dummies reference book series.  Thanks to everyone who helped by clicking 'Like' on the page and shared the contest with their friends! In a post on the Gwinnett Library's special Facebook page for the contest, an administrator of the page wrote:

"We did it! It is now 12:03 am EST 5/1/11. We have 4996 fans, SSLD has 3802, and BPLnj has 2413. We want to thank each and everyone for your support. According to the contest rules, Wiley Publisher will contact the winner by May 15, 2011. We will keep you updated for further announcement."

The Facebook page's administrator also made a point to recognize Ms. Diem Huynh. "Diem spotted the contest and then got the ball rolling. You rarely saw her name because she was the one posting as admin for our fan page."

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